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Finished Products of Varicella Vaccine Attenutated

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Model No: 0.5ml/vial

Deskripsi Produk

(5) Avoid any disinfectant to contact the vaccine of this product during opening the vaccine vials and carrying the injection. Alcohol and any other disinfectants may inactivate the attenuated virus, thus the vaccination should be applied right after ensuring the complete evaporation of the disinfectant away from skin.

(6) If any abnormal appearance conditions exist, such as cracked glass vial, unclear label of glass vial or losing efficacy, turbidity occurring after dissolution, etc, the injection shall not be administrated.

(7) Vaccine of this product should be administered immediately when opening the vaccine vials; in special circumstances, the vaccine can be placed at 2-8℃, and should be used within 30 minutes, the remanent vaccine should be discarded.

(8) Women of child-bearing age can be vaccinated only if appropriately contraceptive measures have been taken for at least 3 months following vaccination.

(9) Administration of other live attenuated vaccine should keep at least one-month interval after vaccination with this vaccine of product; however, this vaccine of product can be administered simultaneously with live attenuated vaccines of measles, rubella and mumps.

(10) Freezing is forbidden.

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